MCS Design and Production Specialty Arts Studio

building the IMPOSSIBLE since 1978
We custom build the impossible in props, exhibits & displays,
3-d theme art decor, decorative screens, and architectural elements.

Oversize red slippers. Painted EPS foam.
We also create sculpture such as bronzes, pond sculptures, gates and abstracts for corporate, commercial and residential spaces.

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EMHE-headphonesCan you hear us

exhibits and displays
NASCAR racerNatGeo goes NBA
architectural elements
Tea HouseTea for Two?
 sculpture, gates, screens
Massey Screen
"Life" Goes On
Garden Sculpture
Garden Sculpture
Midnight Madness
Art Walks
Custom Walkway SystemsA Walk on
the Wild Side
As Seen On

Sundays 8/7c on ABC

We Ship Anywhere
props & 3-d theme art architectural elements exhibits & displays sculpture & screens
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MCS Design and Production, Inc.
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