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Fan Coral

Giant Underwater Coral Props were donated by MCS recently to ABC-TV's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition project for the Lucas family of Rice, VA. The giant Fan and Finger Corals were part of a Deep Sea theme for the Lucas' eldest son.

Coral fabricated of EPS foam with resin coating.

Concrete sculpture props for Washington Post Puzzle Hunt. 
Props made from plywood, foam and concrete coating.
Giant eyes and hourglass
Giant vacuum cleaner
Giant ghost and cannon

Theme props for Virginia Tech fundraising event with Four Seasons Theme. 
Props made from plywood, Sintra and concrete coating to reflect seasonal images found on campus.
VT-Entry-Replicas VT-Summertime-Tree-Prop VT-Hokie-Stone-Fireplace-Prop VT-Wintertime-Tree-Prop
Replica props of Virginia Tech
campus entrance
Fabricated tree depicting Summertime season
Outdoor fireplace prop depicting
Hokie Stone
Fabricated tree depicting Wintertime season


8' Tall Giant Light Switch for World Wildlife Fund's 2009 Earth Hour event, Washington, DC.  Aluminum frame and PVC board.



Giant 5' diameter Disco Ball.
Aluminum framework covered with
thousands of mirror tiles.
VAULT, Richmond, VA.


Giant Wishbone

Giant 12' Wishbone for DC Lottery,
designed to break in two at promotional event at RFK Stadium.
Carved foam, aluminum armature, resin coating.
MDB Communications, event producer.

Crossed Swords

Giant 6' crossed swords prop
served as final clue in giant puzzle hunt for
Washington Post's first annual Post Hunt

Giant Lipstick

Giant Lipstick Awards, 18" high,
for private special event.
PVC construction.

Spinning Globe

7' Diameter spinning globe.
Aluminum tubing and Sentra graphics.

Exploding volcano

Exploding volcano highlights
giant money filled diamond,
while glowing lava, billowing smoke and earthmoving rumbles
thrill the guests.

New logo for Epilepsy Foundation

Prop for Epilepsy Foundation
for national presentation of new logo
at Washington, DC event.
Dance floorCarved from EPS foam.


Pulsating, custom dance floor,
70's theme.
1½" thick, plexiglas surface.

Set for Gov. Gilmore's inaugural ball

Stage set for
Governor Gilmore's
Inaugural Ball.

Olympics venue centerpiece

National award winning
centerpiece monument
for Olympics venue.
Fiberglass and EPS foam.

African mask

Large, 14' African mask,
faux painted
EPS foam on
PVC structure.

Carnival Mask

Giant, pole mounted
Carnival Mask.
Painted EPS foam,
satin fabrics and PVC
support structure.
Genesis Design - Atlanta.


Flying spaceship lands
with lights, smoke
& sound effects for this
Pennsylvania trade show.

Mardi Gras theme prop

Mardi Gras theme décor with animated King Rex on parade float, Jackson Square area and Bourbon Street setting.

King Rex -- animated

20' animated King Rex talks
(from remote mic)
while moving head, arms and mouth

Undersea theme

Undersea theme for
SuperValu Eastern Region food show.
Painted EPS foam coral and fish.

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