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Wallhanging-Don't Be Koi, Painted
Don’t Be Koi” *# (Painted)
A pair of Koi seek refuge beneath
a labyrinth of lily pads.
30”x36” aluminum wall hanging. $725.00.
Wallhanging-Heron Things
(Am I) “Heron Things” *
Rustling of leaves breaks the sound of silence
for a solitary heron.
30”x30” aluminum wall hanging. $635.00.
Petite “Heron Things”
18”x18” smaller version $330.00.
Wallhanging-No Egrets Grey
No Egrets” *
A dancing Egret celebrates his life
in the fertile marsh.
30”x36” aluminum wall hanging. $660.00.
Petite “No Egrets” 18”x18”
smaller version $330.00.
* Design suitable as garden gate     # Design suitable as fire screen    Call for pricing.

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