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Wallhanging-Sea The Pipers
Sea The Pipers” # *
A trio of Sandpipers keep vigil along the shore.
42”x36” aluminum wall hanging. $828.00
As Firescreen $860.00.

Wallhanging-Solar Sailor
“Solar Sailor” #
A solitary Pelican sails in absence of his flock.
36”x30” aluminum wall hanging. $660.00.

Wallhanging-Midnight Madness Sail
Midnight Madness Sail
A moonstruck Pelican drinks in a “longed for” lunar flight. 26”x26” aluminum wall hanging. $398.00.
Turtle Hurdles
"Turtle Hurdles" *
A group of Turtles scurry over fish and surf. 24" x 36" Aluminum wallhanging.
Don't be Koi
"Don't Be Koi " * #
A pair of Koi seek refuge beneath a labyrinth of lily pads. 30" X 36" Aluminum wallhanging. $725.00.
* Design suitable as garden gate     # Design suitable as fire screen    Call for pricing.

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