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Wallhanging-Dragon The Line
Dragon The Line” *
A chorus line of Dragonflies dance currents on the wind. 36”x30” aluminum wall hanging. $660.00.
Wallhanging-Flower Power
Flower Power” *#
Finding nectar keeps a hummingbird on the wing.
36”x24” aluminum wall hanging. $660.00.
Wallhanging-Doves Above
Doves Above” #
Two Mourning Doves greet the new day.
35”x24” aluminum wall hanging. $660.00.
Wallhanging-Lord OThe Flies
Lord O’ The Flies” *
A noble Dragonfly commands an audience of Arrowhead leaves. 30”x36” aluminum wall hanging. $660.00.
* Design suitable as garden gate     # Design suitable as fire screen    Call for pricing.

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