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Hosekeeper-Clover Rover
Clover Rover
Aluminum Hose Keeper

Round Fish Table
Round Fish Table (aluminum with ¼” glass top)
Bar Height: 42” H w/ 28” top $540.00
Dining Height: 30”H w/ 30” top (thicker tops available) $540.00.

Square Occasional Table
(18”x18”x18” aluminum with ¼” top)
Sandblasted Dragonfly top $330.00.
Sandblasted Koi top $330.00.
“Garden Chase”
24”x48”x96”, aluminum arbor.
A menagerie of garden dwellers give a merry chase. $1518.00
"Rivah Bench"
Custom designed aluminum bench for
Stuart Siegel residence. 

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